A note of thanks from CEO Carol Christopher

A note of thanks from CEO Carol Christopher

Hi! My name is Carol Christopher and I want to introduce myself to the Ellis Day Skin Science Community. Thank you for being here. I want to share with you a little bit about my journey, how I got here, and why I think Ellis Day Skin Science is so special and important, especially today.

I’ve been a founder or an initial team member of six life science start-ups in the last twenty years.  All of these companies were developing technologies and products for the pharmaceutical industry and for the treatment of specific diseases. Ellis Day Skin Science is now my seventh start-up, and it’s the first time that I get to lead a company that is using science and technology that can benefit the vast majority of people. It’s something I’m really excited about -- that our science-based company is using its powers for good, while always being thoughtful and conscientious, even at scale.

When the initial investor in Ellis Day approached me about taking the CEO role, I was intrigued because as its heritage points to, phage is rooted in the life sciences, a sector with which I’ve been very familiar. But what’s poignant is the fact that phage science provides us the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis in a way that is clean, natural, and truly revolutionary.

As an engineer by training, I embraced the challenge to find the right phages for balancing the skin microbiome. It took a few years of development, but I am so proud of our team for cultivating Cutiphage™, our proprietary blend of specific phages that target and kill bad bacteria on your skin. Phages are natural bacteria fighters and we found the phages that will help you balance your skin microbiome. It’s amazing that 100 years ago, this discovery would have not been possible in the amount of time that we took to create this blend. 

Once we were able to accomplish this first challenge of cultivation with astounding results in clinical trials, we then had to figure out how to reliably produce our serum at commercial scale. This process was tricky because phages are microbes, which like all things that are “alive” can be fragile. But we soon figured that out. Hooray! 

Now, we’re about to launch our first product Wild ResilienceTM Active Phage Serum. Like any start-up, it’s been a journey of twists and turns, but I am so excited to share this amazing product with you now.

I hope that you will get to experience our serum and get to know us. And more importantly, I hope that we will make a difference, however small (or big), in your life.

Cheers to Resilient Skin,

Carol A. Christopher 

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