Ellis Day’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Ellis Day’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

This year on April 22nd, the world will once again celebrate Earth Day — a day dedicated to honoring and protecting the natural world. Earth Day was initiated in 1970 by the fledgling environmental movement as a wake-up call to the public on the harmful effects that increasing levels of pollution were having on the environment. Today, while more people than ever are aware of the importance of protecting our planet and its life-giving ecosystems, never has the challenge to do so been more daunting or more urgent. 

At Ellis Day Skin Science, we recognize and wholly support the need for a shift toward greener and more sustainable practices at every level. We are proud to produce clean, vegan, and sustainably made skincare products that are backed by cutting-edge phage science. And so, to kick off our Earth Week celebration at Ellis Day, we want to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to sustainability and to highlight some of the ways that we strive to put this into practice every day.  

First and foremost, all of our products are sustainably made, starting with our ‘hero’ ingredient, the customized blend of phages in our Balancing Phage Serum and new Hydrating Phage Serum that target and kill blemish- and breakout-causing bacteria on skin. Phages are a natural and vitally important part of our ecosystem, and they are also self-renewing. This means that once isolated, a phage (or phages) can be continually reproduced, with minimal environmental impact. We have also optimized our phage production process to ensure that it is completely vegan and does not require any animal-based reagents. In fact, no Ellis Day product contains any ingredients sourced from animals. As a company, we place the utmost importance on protecting animal welfare, and we only test our products on willing human volunteers.

Beyond our phages, the other ingredients in our products are sustainably sourced and plant derived, and we never use artificial fragrances, dyes, or masking agents. All Ellis Day products are carefully formulated to the highest standards to maximize skin health and avoid any ingredients that may be harmful to your skin or to the environment. 

We are also keenly aware that much of the environmental impact from any product derives from its packaging. So, at Ellis Day, we strive to use only eco-friendly materials for our packaging and shipping containers. All of our packaging materials are sourced from vetted, premium vendors to ensure both exceptional quality and sustainability, and the cardboard and plastic components are 100% recyclable. We also do not use any plastics that contain Bisphenol A (BPA) or other known hormone disruptors or carcinogens. Further, while we do enclose our phage-containing products in an insulated silver pouch to protect from light and temperature extremes during shipping, to minimize waste, we encourage our customers to reuse this, if possible. (I can personally attest that these work great to keep my kids’ yogurts cool in their lockers at school!)

This year, in celebration of Earth Day and to directly support one of the many organizations fighting to protect our Earth each and every day, Ellis Day will be donating a portion of all sales made this week to Earth Guardians. This youth-led organization is dedicated to building a sustainable future by training the next generation of environmental and social justice leaders to advocate for actionable change. Check out their website at www.earthguardians.org.

Lastly, while we join the world in celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd, at Ellis Day Skin Science, we truly believe that Earth Day is every day. That is why we believe so deeply in our mission to offer innovative skincare products built on cutting-edge science that are sustainably sourced from vegan, safe, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly ingredients. While so much progress has been made in the past 51 years since Earth Day was first celebrated, our ever-warming climate and rising carbon levels remind us daily that the work is far from over. Protecting and preserving our environment will take all of our efforts and advocacy, and we at Ellis Day are committed to doing our part to create a safer, cleaner, and greener tomorrow 🌎💚

If you have any questions about Ellis Day’s sustainability efforts or how our award-winning phage-based skincare can help to promote skin health, please email us at hello@ellisdayskinscience.com. We’re happy to help!

About Ellis Day Skin Science

We believe that modern skincare must be grounded in true microbiome science. We believe the answers are in the wild, natural world, which includes the surface of your skin. 

At Ellis Day Skin Science, we pioneer natural phage-based products that target and kill bad bacteria associated with inflammation, damage, and aging, and enable good bacteria to flourish. By doing so, we aim to balance your microbiome for optimal skin health.

We use cutting-edge science to leverage nature, creating products that are just as kind and conscientious as they are effective, so that all can feel empowered with balanced, clear, radiant, and resilient skin.

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