It’s Time to Chill: Ellis Day’s Chill Face Spray, a Refreshing Phage-Based Mist for Stressed-Out Skin

It’s Time to Chill: Ellis Day’s Chill Face Spray, a Refreshing Phage-Based Mist for Stressed-Out Skin

As we head into late summer and what are, for many, the hottest, most humid months of the year, you may be looking for some much-needed relief from the sweltering weather. Your skin, in particular, is probably feeling the heat, as you contend with hot temperatures and other stressors, such as pollution, UV, and, well, everything else going on at the moment (thanks, delta). You might be thinking about trying one of the many face sprays that are on the market now. I mean, what sounds better than a refreshing, cool mist to soothe overheated, stressed-out skin?


Before you choose a facial spray, however, as with any product, it’s always a good idea to check the ingredient list to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and that you’re actually getting something that is beneficial, and not harmful or irritating. Face sprays, in particular, can be pretty sneaky—making lots of impressive-sounding claims, without the ingredients to back them up. A quick survey of some of the most popular facial sprays reveals that many don’t contain much more than water, fruit oils/extracts, alcohol, and fragrance. So while they may feel and smell nice going on, they aren’t going to do much to improve the long-term health of your skin. They may even increase skin sensitivity and irritation, as we know that other than water, these ingredients can drying and sensitizing. 


At Ellis Day Skin Science, we’ve always done things differently, by prioritizing science-backed, skin-native ingredients over trendy botanicals, oils, and fragrances. And so, when we set out to create a cooling hydrating face spray, we started with our hero ingredient, bacteriophages. These tiny microbes, which are naturally found on healthy skin, kill the bacteria that cause blemishes, breakouts, redness, and inflammation. Both our Balancing Phage Serum and our Hydrating Phage Serum contain a concentrated dose of these phages, and with consistent daily use, they promote clearer, calmer, and more balanced skin. 


The Ellis Day Science Team has been working hard to extend the range of our phage-containing products, and we are so excited to introduce our brand-new Chill Face Spray! This cooling, calming spray, contains the same powerful phages found in our serums and can be used throughout the day, so you can get a blast of their bacteria-busting power anytime you might need it. Even if you don’t currently use our serums, Chill can be used all on it’s own to introduce the beneficial power of phages to your skin, in a convenient, cooling calming spray. However if you are an Ellis Day serum user, Chill is an excellent way to boost their blemish-fighting activity, while providing on-demand soothing hydration to stressed-out skin. 


This is because, in addition to our phages, Ellis Day's Chill Face Spray, contains ingredients that are proven to calm angry, irritated skin, including aloe, rose water, and allantoin. We’ve also added glycerin, a powerful humectant that helps to promote skin hydration. You’ll notice that our ingredient list isn’t very long, and that’s on purpose. Let’s be clear™, each ingredient in Chill, and in all our products, has been carefully chosen to ensure maximum efficacy, without any fillers, fragrances, or skin-irritating oils and alcohols. These ingredients work together to calm skin, soothe irritation, reduce bad bacteria, and support skin resiliency. And like all our products, Chill is clean, gentle, and 100% vegan. 


Chill Face Spray is available to purchase now, and for just $30, is an affordable, calming and cooling treat for stressed-out, summer skin. So grab a bottle today, and discover how the power of Ellis Day’s groundbreaking phage technology + other powerful actives, combined together in a convenient spray formulation, can help you achieve healthier, happier, more chilled-out skin!


If you have any questions about Chill Face Spray, Ellis Day Skin Science, or how our phage-based, skin-native products can help to promote skin health, please email us at We’re happy to help!


Dr. Laura Marinelli is a skincare-obsessed scientist, who has spent her entire academic career researching phages and the microbes that live on our skin and make up our skin microbiome. She earned her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh, completed her postdoctoral training at UCLA, and is now living her longtime dream of creating phage-based skincare products to improve skin health with Ellis Day. Laura has been a part of the Ellis Day team since 2017 and currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, three kids, and two cats. 


About Ellis Day Skin Science

We believe that modern skincare must be grounded in true microbiome science. We believe the answers are in the wild, natural world, which includes the surface of your skin. 

At Ellis Day Skin Science, we pioneer clean phage-based products that target and kill bad bacteria associated with inflammation, damage, and aging, and enable good bacteria to flourish. By doing so, we aim to reset your microbiome for optimal skin health.

We use cutting-edge science to leverage nature, creating products that are just as kind and conscientious as they are effective, so that all can feel empowered with balanced, clear, radiant, and resilient skin.

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