The Future of Beauty and What it Means to Me

The Future of Beauty and What it Means to Me

For just the second year in a row, ELLE has announced its Future of Beauty Award Winners, and this year, we are beyond excited that Wild Resilience™ Active Phage Serum by Ellis Day Skin Science is among the awardees. These awards recognize the most “exciting innovations in skin, hair, makeup products, and body treatments”, and we at Ellis Day Skin Science are incredibly honored to be included among this amazing group of honorees. It’s especially meaningful for us, given that science and innovation are at the heart of our company and our vision for the future of beauty. 

When we set out to create the first phage-based skincare product, we were told by countless people that this would be impossible. Undeterred, we kept at it, buoyed by our strong conviction in what we are doing and the enormous potential we believe that phages have for optimizing skin health and truly revolutionizing the way we view skincare. Over the past few years, a number of exciting scientific discoveries have helped to uncover the microscopic world of the skin microbiome and to reveal just how important these tiny microbes are for keeping our skin healthy. This realization has had a profound impact on skincare, ushering in an array of products aimed at supporting, nourishing, and protecting this complex microbial ecosystem. We believe that the advent of phage-based products such as Wild Resilience™, that are designed to eliminate harmful bacteria and support the growth of healthy skin bacteria, represents the next step in this exciting journey.  And we’re proud that Ellis Day Skin Science is leading the way. 

No one can say with certainty what the future will hold — my goal list for 2020 will attest to that! However, in my life and throughout my scientific career, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the future of beauty and what it might look like, and I am confident that phage-based microbiome-focused skincare will only continue to grow in the coming years. Consumers are more knowledgeable than ever — they want clean, ethically produced, sustainable products that are backed by science and show real results in improving our looks and ensuring our skin is healthy. And while indie and prestige beauty companies have been the first to respond, larger companies are taking note, and these trends will almost certainly continue to shape the beauty industry for many years to come. On a larger scale, our society has been given a collective wake-up call on the importance of equal representation in leadership positions, and the beauty industry is no different. Going forward, as Ellis Day continues to grow, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that actively works to promote racial justice and diversity in our workforce. We face a lot of challenges in the coming months, but as this historic, difficult, and transformative year comes to a close, I am hopeful about what lies ahead, both in the world of beauty and beyond. Stay safe out there, and however you celebrate, may the coming season bring you much happiness, peace, and love 💙

About Ellis Day Skin Science

We believe that modern skincare must be grounded in true microbiome science. We believe the answers are in the wild, natural world, which includes the surface of your skin. 

At Ellis Day Skin Science, we pioneer natural phage-based products that target and kill bad bacteria associated with inflammation, damage, and aging, and enable good bacteria to flourish. By doing so, we aim to reset your microbiome for optimal skin health.

We use cutting-edge science to leverage nature and generate clinical data to support our claims, creating products that are just as kind and conscientious as they are effective, so that all can feel empowered with balanced, clear, radiant, and resilient skin.

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