The secret to #maskne and my post-workout glow!

The secret to #maskne and my post-workout glow!

After a 4-month hiatus, it’s great to be back to group exercise, albeit with lots of restrictions and precautions to protect against COVID-19. I go to Orange Theory, and one of the rules they’ve set is that all participants have to wear masks at all times - even while on the treadmill, rower, or in the weight room. 😷😬 

It’s tough to breathe deeply when you’re doing cardio with a 3-ply fabric mask on. To make matters worse, by the time class is over, my mask is soaked with perspiration and is plastered against my face. So after soaking in sweat for about an hour, my skin has gone from calm to angry. And what I’ve experienced after a week of daily classes is “maskne” -- redness, bumpiness, and minor blemishes on the areas of my face that my mask covered.

When we set out to create Wild Resilience™ Active Phage Serum, I never would have thought that one of the use cases would be maskne. But technically, the science makes sense -- our phages target the bad bacteria that build up on your skin due to external or internal factors (in this case, external), so that your skin can be balanced and calm.

So this week, I changed my routine and started bringing Wild Resilience with me to class so that I could apply it immediately post-workout. After a few days, I am finding that I have less issues with my skin. 🙌 Obviously, as the CEO of Ellis Day Skin Science, I am biased. But I am so happy that Wild Resilience™ is helping me get back into the habit of working out again, while helping maintain my skin balance! 💜

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