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At Ellis Day, we know that our customers care a lot about what they put on their skin...we do too! That’s why we’ve formulated Wild Resilience Active Phage serum to contain only clean, naturally-derived ingredients, that are good for both your skin AND for our bioactive phages that target and kill the bad bacteria on your skin. Phages are unlike any other skincare ingredient you might know. As biological particles, they are very sensitive to things like heat, pH, and stress (similar to people!). For this reason, we have carefully chosen our clean ingredients to maximize phage stability, even at room temperature, because a stable phage is a happy phage... and a happy phage can work its magic and wipe out the bad bacteria on your skin. 💫

We’ve also carefully selected our ingredients to ensure that the pH of Wild Resilience closely matches the pH of your skin. This further helps to both promote a healthy skin microbiome and discourage the growth of bad bacteria.