The Best New September Skin-Care Launches to Add to Your Fall Routine

Dry skin types, listen up. The Ellis Day Skin Science Hydrating Phage Serum lends a hand with its hyaluronic acid-infused formula, so your skin feels thoroughly moisturized. On top of two...


The Best New Skincare Products Hitting Shelves

If you're prone to hormonal breakouts, this is about to be your holy grail product. The Ellis Day Wild Resilience Active Phage Serum is made of natural and vegan ingredients to help soothe irritation and reduce redness from acne.


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Made with Cutiphage, a natural antibacterial ingredient that fights acne and resets the skin microbiome, this serum targets and kills bad bacteria associated with acne all while enabling the good bacteria to flourish.

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Phage First: New Brand Ellis Day Skin Science Powers Products With Tiny Bacteria Eaters

If there’s anything that’s been revealed by the pandemic, it’s the power of microorganisms invisible to the human eye. While the coronavirus is a force for ill, many microorganisms are forces for good. Skincare brand Ellis Day Skin Science is harnessing beneficial microorganisms—specifically, phages that keep bacteria in check—to reduce inflammation, redness and blemishes with its debut product, Wild Resilience Active Phage Serum.


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For this serum, the active phage aids in resetting the skin’s tissues, thereby supporting in the reduction of inflammation, redness, and blemishes that lead to aging; skin is ultimately made healthier and more resilient.

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31 Must Try Products For Zoom Happy Hours, At-Home Salon Days, & More

Supporting the reduction of blemishes, hormonal breakouts, redness, and inflammation that lead to aging, Wild Resilience helps to make skin look healthier while strengthening it against future damage


How Protecting the Skin Barrier Is Taking On a New Meaning in 2020 As We Spend More Time Inside

Ellis Day Skin Science Wild Resilience Active Phage Serum targets the “bad” bacteria on your skin associated with inflammation and damage, enabling the “good” bacteria to flourish. Its active ingredient—Cutiphage—is a trademarked blend of bioactive natural bacteriophages that help ensure your skin barrier maintains its defenses. Bonus: The non-toxic recipe also soothes irritation and inflammation for acne-prone complexions.


Why Having a Proper Skincare Routine Is Extra Important During the Coronavirus Pandemic

"If the skin microbiome is in balance, then your skin can function at optimal levels," Dr. Nathan Brown, virologist and vice president of science and development at Ellis Day Skin Science, shares. "More specifically, the bacteria and fungi in the skin microbiome can use their energy to produce antimicrobial peptides that help maintain skin health by preventing pathogens from growing.


One Of The Best Things You Can Do For Your Skin During The Pandemic

Laura Marinelli, a microbiologist and scientific adviser for Ellis Day Skin Science, talks about makeup and skin health. Makeup can create what Marinelli calls “an artificial wall on our skin,” which can lead to a buildup of acne-causing material, such as dead skin cells, sweat, oil and environmental debris. “Giving your skin an occasional break from your normal makeup regimen and, of course, removing all your makeup every night, can support your skin’s natural healing and rejuvenation properties,” Marinelli explained.

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July Editors' Picks 2020

A natural anti-bacterial with [Cutiphage], a sophisticated blend of phages crafted through years of clinical studies and DNA sequencing that target and eliminate acne-causing bacteria while allowing good bacteria to flourish, keeping your microbiome in balance.

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A Serum to Boost the Skin's Microbiome

The Wild Resilience Active Phage Serum draws on the use of phages: foundational microorganisms that balance bacteria. The brand blends bioactive ingredients that reset and regenerate the skin's microbiome, while supporting bacteria that reduces inflammation, redness and blemishes. ‘This is a brand new active ingredient that’s completely natural. It belongs on your skin,’ says Carol Christopher, CEO of Ellis Day.


The Rise of 'Maskne' Skincare Marketing

Ellis Day Skin Science, a microbiome-focused skin-care brand launched its first product, a serum, on May 1 after five years of development. According to Natalise Kalea Robinson, Ellis Day Skin Science VP of Brand Marketing, the brand offered pre-ordering in March and began its marketing efforts on social media to attract early customers.

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Bacteriophage-based Wild Resilience Resets the Microbiome and Skin

Based on a blend of natural bacterio­phages, Wild Resilience is a serum from Ellis Day Skin Science designed to reset the microbiome for various skin benefits.


Biotech, but make it beauty: Startups look to viruses and bacteria for the next generation of skin care

Ellis Day is launching a serum later this year that’s made with a cocktail of three phages. The teeny phages can infect bacteria and replicate inside them, killing it from the inside. Like microbes, our skin and our environments are already crawling with phages that peacefully coexist with us. Ellis Day found two of its three phages on the skin, and another “in nature” in the Bay Area. The company is betting the blend can clear up skin by combating several different strains of bacteria that can cause acne.

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