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Balancing Phage Serum is the first skincare product that contains natural, wild bacteriophages. And Ellis Day Skin Science is the first company to have clinical and DNA sequencing data that demonstrate our phages’ ability to rebalance your skin microbiome. 🙌 As a science-based skincare company, we’re excited to share our clinical data with you here.

We conducted a company-sponsored, IRB-approved clinical study with a thought leader dermatologist. This clinical trial was a 12-week study in women with acne. The clinical outcomes showed a statistically significant reduction with a confidence interval of 99.9% in both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions with no adverse effects (redness, dryness, irritation, or inflammation). DNA sequencing of skin swabs collected from the study participants at each clinic visit over the 12 weeks were also analyzed using bioinformatics. The results showed a reduction in bad strains of C. acnes bacteria and an increase in good strains of other kinds of bacteria across the 12 weeks when our proprietary blend of phages was used daily.

Cutibacterium acnes (C. acnes) is often associated with inflammation, redness, hormonal acne, backne, maskne, and blemishes & breakouts. As you can see in the above graphs, the phages in our Balancing Phage serum significantly reduced the harmful C. acnes bacteria over the 12-week period among all of our participants. Additionally, we saw that the neutral and good strains of C. acnes stayed stable or slightly increased (a good thing!). Lastly, we saw that our phages supported the good bacteria, enabling them to flourish over time (an equally good thing!). This adjustment of bacterial populations enabled participants to experience healthy, radiant, and resilient skin.

At the conclusion of our study, we were also able to compare our results with a few popular solutions in the market that address blemishes and breakouts specifically. 

This data suggests that our serum is more efficacious than other skincare products in the market when it comes to reducing blemishes and breakouts. But what’s important to remember (and is not obvious in this graph) is that, while Balancing Phage Serum calms skin and reduces breakouts, it does so by resetting and rebalancing your skin microbiome in a natural way. None of our study participants reported any negative side effects -- like dryness or redness that one usually experiences with other products. So, not only is the Balancing Phage Serum more effective, but it’s also gentler and safer for long-term use and maintaining the skin microbiome.

In addition to our clinical trial, we have also conducted long-term beta tests with users across gender, age, and ethnicities. While we initially targeted our serum for acne, blemishes, and breakouts, a majority of users reported an improvement in tone and texture, as well as a reduction in inflammation, discoloration, and redness. We continue to see these types of broader results in users as time goes on.

 Check out some before and afters here! 💜

If you have any questions about our clinical trial or Balancing Phage Serum, please email us at We’re always happy to help or answer any science-based questions you might have!

At Ellis Day, we know that our customers care a lot about what they put on their skin...we do too! That’s why we’ve formulated Wild Resilience Active Phage serum to contain only clean, naturally-derived ingredients, that are good for both your skin AND for our bioactive phages that target and kill the bad bacteria on your skin. Phages are unlike any other skincare ingredient you might know. As biological particles, they are very sensitive to things like heat, pH, and stress (similar to people!). For this reason, we have carefully chosen our clean ingredients to maximize phage stability, even at room temperature, because a stable phage is a happy phage... and a happy phage can work its magic and wipe out the bad bacteria on your skin. 💫

We’ve also carefully selected our ingredients to ensure that the pH of Wild Resilience closely matches the pH of your skin. This further helps to both promote a healthy skin microbiome and discourage the growth of bad bacteria.

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