Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum
Hydrating Phage Serum

Hydrating Phage Serum

What is it?
Our Hydrating Phage Serum is a daily-use serum that resolves and prevents blemishes and breakouts, and provides deep hydration while preventing moisture loss.

What skin type is it for?
All Skin types

What does it do?
Our Hydrating Phage Serum is dual-action: our targeted, skin-native antibacterial phages eradicate problem bacteria and enable the good bacteria to flourish, and our two forms of hyaluronic acid provide deep hydration and protect against moisture loss. Used daily after cleansing and before other cosmetic products, it's a great foundation to ensure your skin is clear, hydrated, and happy.

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One bottle lasts 4-8 weeks based on 1-2x/day usage.
1 FL OZ / 30 ML


Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free, Toxin Free, Vegan, Pregnancy-safe, Made Sustainably, Recyclable 



Water, glycerin, C. acnes phage blend, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, acacia senegal gum, hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum, propanediol, pentylene glycol sodium levulinate, sodium anisate, phenethyl alcohol.


How to Use

Recommended step-by-step skincare routine (morning and/or night):

  1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser
  2. Apply 2-3 pumps of Hydrating Phage Serum to clean, dry skin, covering the entire face
  3. Apply moisturizer and any additional products as you normally would

If toner is used, use only non-alcohol based-toner and apply after cleansing. Let dry and then apply Hydrating Phage Serum. Follow with moisturizer as needed.

Important Note:
Do not use in combination with products containing benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, colloidal silver or where denatured alcohol is the main ingredient. (Unsure if your product is compatible? Please see our online FAQs or email us at hello@ellisdayskinscience.com). Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid eyes.

What Our Customers are Saying about Our Balancing Phage Serum

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Something that *actually* works for me!

I have tried SO many different products from prescribed things to oils and most anything in between and nothing has made such a difference so fast as this hydrating serum. It didn’t irritate or break me out further, it just made my skin feel so smooth and it started to clear up almost instantly. I use it at night and in the morning and don’t plan to ever stop!

Jane Marinelli
Flawless skin

Since I’ve been using Ellis Day hydrating serum there has been a noticeable improvement in my skin. It’s smooth and flawless and I no longer have redness on my cheeks and chin. I love it!!

Made a huge improvement of my cystic acne

I have been struggling with hormonal, cystic acne for years, and Ellis Day Hydrating Serum has made a huge improvement on my cystic acne. I get way fewer spots when using Ellis Day, even with the hot summer weather right now. My face feels much more balanced and smooth. I am now on my third bottle and this has become an important part of my skin care routine.

Griffin A.
All Natural Excellence

I have tried a lot of acne products and they all wreak havoc on my face. Honestly, I was a little skeptical of this product at first, but it has really worked for me. No more random goops for me, this is it. If you’re considering it, take this review as a sign that you should try out Ellis Day.

Thoroughly impressed

I’m very skeptical trying new products but my skin was really acting up & nothing I was using was making a real difference until I started using this. Since then I’ve found my skin is more balanced & even toned with no new breakouts. I haven’t had a product work this efficiently in a long time.

2 bottles later and it’s real

Staying with a routine is key.... or so I have been told. I usually get frustrated because it felt nothing I tried work and made my skin worse. 2 bottles now of this miracle serum my hormonal acne is manageable and almost completely at bay, my skin is glowing, supple and even my complexion has evened out. I am surprised and happy with the results so far!

Evelina Pierce
Hydrating Serum

This review is for the Hydrating serum. I am a dermatology resident so I have a sophisticated skin care regimen, which I adjust based on my skin needs. I was anxious about incorporating a new serum, however, the science behind it won me over. This allows you to tackle one of the components of complex acne pathogenesis.
This serum definitely agrees with my skin. So easy to use! No hassle, no irritation, no breakouts. My skin is well-balanced and hydrated.
One other mention is this company’s customer service. Courteous, prompt and kind! They replaced my serum without hesitation or making me send it back beforehand when I accidentally purchased the wrong one.
I will definitely be recommending this to my patients. Thanks guys,

Evelina Pierce, MD

Patricia Bassett
Love it

Makes my skin look healthy and beautiful

Jennifer Colten

So so hydrating. You feel it right away. I like it better than my previous brand except for the cost. It’s absolutely worth it if it’s affordable for you.

Total relief to discover Ellis Day

I’ve been using Ellis Day serums for two months now, and it reliably keeps my face clear and smooth. My skin is extremely sensitive, and after a terrible prolonged breakout from a new moisturizer, I tried Ellis Day—and it cleared the acne within a week. Incredible customer service and a great company.

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